Songs for sinking souls, hope for humankind

I have always been a wanderer. Though born and raised in the greater Seattle area, home is wherever my feet meet the path. Currently it’s Portland but soon I’ll be back in New Orleans. I write songs because as an actively religious child I felt the spirit of God call me to music. As a now unreligious yet still spiritually ambiguous adult, I realize that sounds insane. But I keep playing music and writing songs and the universe keeps sending what feels like divine endorsement so for all intents and purposes I’m not one to disagree. I could go into detail about the perfect storm of generational trauma, familial dysfunction and childhood loneliness that shaped me into the artist I am today, but my songs do that well enough on their own. Instead I’ll talk about my influences. If the infamous Shakey Graves lost his dope-ass ‘lil suitcase drum on tour and it was returned to him by devastatingly talented Lianne La Havas who then seduced him with her dulcet tones and they went on to produce a love child who was then switched at birth, taken across the country and raised on early Kelly Clarkson, Macklemore and Harry Potter novels in a turbulent Pacific Northwestern trailer park… that child would grow up to sound a lot like me. Hello everybody, I’m A Strange Bird and this is my music.  


A Strange Bird has a secret to tell—and she tells it in a beautiful, smoky voice.” - James Kemp

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A Strange Bird


The Hollow Bones Album

A Strange Bird

I wanted this album, my very first, to be a sonic snapshot of the beginning of what I hope will become a lifelong journey of making music. Who can tell what form or shape my sound will take over the years but before I reach the next stage of evolution I wanted to immortalize the first. So here it is. Just me and my guitar the bare bones; The Hollow Bones Album.
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