Series of Nouns

Can you see the difference in me 
Feels like my light’s been fading consistently 
For a day, for a week for a while at least 

Something’s off, 
something’s wrong, 
something’s gone, 
something’s missing in me 

Can you feel the distance in my soul 
It’s been a long long time since I’ve been home 

And I don’t mean the place where I was born, no 

Well I’m not sure why I’m hurting 
But I know it’s been hell lately 
Well I’ve narrowed it down to a series of nouns 
Can’t figure out if it’s a person, this place or something 

One of the three… must be killing me 

They say you never know what your giving up ‘til it’s gone 
They say you forfeit it all when you fail to fight for what you want 
So choose your battles wisely, choose your words with care 
Fell the bad(ness) shit lightly and let down your hair 

And howl at the moon, ‘til the clouds are gone 
And dance like your hearts never been stepped on 

Well I hear voices in my dreams 
Telling me to be free 
I ain’t found freedom yet 
It’s getting harder and harder the older that I get

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