It’s an uphill battle 
or a downward spiral 
I don’t need no education 
know exactly what I’m saying 

That old wolf in sheep’s clothing 
Pulled the wool over our eyes 
The lies come cheap each morning 
Now the truth is overpriced 

Got the newsroom speakin in tongues 
Twistin up our tendencies to change what we’ve become 

Got the newsroom speakin in tongues 
Twistin’ up transmissions trying to control the outcome 

Because freedom ain’t forever 
Never has been never will be 
Someone’s always taking over 
Don’t believe me? Check your history 

I said freedom ain’t forever no 
Freedom ain’t forever, never no. 

Maybe you don’t know this 
Cuz your too absorbed (depressed) to notice but 
Our culture is diseased 
We are dying in the streets 

(Maybe) And I was made for a revolution 

Every day’s a struggle, or every day’s a waste 
Every one of us is broken just enough to need escape 
So we keep comin. Comin and drummin’ up the courage 
Gonna get up on this stage say our battle wounds were worth it 

We were warriors. 
And we were meant to be victorious 
The story is 
That we’re not in it for the glory it’s 

It’s in our blood 

It’s on our blood 
We try to walk away but we keep coming back 
Such a beautiful addiciton keeps us kickin down the path 
We crawl up and over under every obstacle ahead 
Chasing all that we were promised 
All just hopin’ that we get it ‘cuz 

They promised us freedom 
They told us we’d be treated the same and they lied 
They taught us to need ‘em 
Convinced us we couldn’t beat ‘em even if we tried 
Well I 
Think it’s time we tried 

And I 
Think it’s time we tried

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