Dance in the Rain

Smoke the evidence 
before they all catch on 
It’s irrelevant what they say when you are gone 

Well you just keep on 
telling yourself that, darlin’ 
Maybe one day you will come to believe it 

You tell me you’re a monster 
Maybe there’s a beast under your skin 
And I’d be better off not letting someone like you in 

Well you just keep on, telling yourself that darlin 
Your words form your world you better believe it 

Oh, oh no 

Whatever helps you sleep at night 
We all do what we need to get by 
Tell ourselves the world is cold and dark when it’s full of sunshine 

And if it helps you ease the pain 
You’ve been living with for ages 
Go ahead to cover 
Or dance in the rain 

I know this is hurting 
Each of us in our own separate ways 
But both of us are growing, honey 
And everything’s about to change 

Well I just keep on telling myself that darlin 
Maybe one day you will see that I mean it 

(I said) Whoever helps you sleep at night 
I’ll do what I need to get by 
But I can’t tell myself the world is dark (cold)  I 

Need the sunshine 
Hope is what eases the pain 
I’ve been living with for ages 
Go ahead take cover 
I’ll dance in the rain

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