Behold! The Prodigal Daughter. Dwelling alone in her own dishonor 

Wanted to be left alone to wander but every step gets harder and harder 
Never asked to be a martyr. Abandoned the house of her father 
Just wanted to see what this world had to offer 
But all it could offer was heartache, it tossed her 

Into a prison cell, she’s left alone to ponder 
How she ever came to be 
Slave to this monster 
And with each passing day, he’s get stronger 
He will not release his hold on her 

What  a hell, what a prison! Freedom from is a heavenly privlege 

And Christ was the key that freed me 

Unlocked and adopted, don’t get it twisted 
There’s no other way 

And no I am not criticizing the system 
12 steps just isn’t enough space 
To put between me and my conditions 

‘Cause they follow like shadows 
I twist I turn I run but I cannot escape 
I long to step out from the darkness 
And let the light burn  

my demons away 

This poison is killing me slow.  

The spirit’s run dry but I still feel alone. 

Thought this would cure all my pain now I know 

This method of self-medication must go! 

Never asked for this affliction 

God you warned me but I didn’t listen 

Just wanted to see what it was I was missin 

Hobby turned to habit; Habit to addiction! 

You found me in darkness. 
Picked me up and put me back on my feet 
You broke the chains that held me captive. 
And in your eyes I see that I am finally free 

Yup I faced my demons. 
You were all that I needed to beat ‘em 
I love you love me now my life has reason 
A plan and a purpose that can’t be defeated 

‘Cause sometimes it hurts so much 
Even my bones ache 
I feel like giving up  

but I find new strength 

And each passing day, 
I’m getting stronger 
No longer the slave 
No longer the monster 

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