I grew up south of the city. 

In a little town 
That hardly ever noticed whether or not we were around 
Took a lot of visits… 
to the city pound 
That ol’ dog catcher caught my mother more times than I could count 
We got out of that town 


A little closer to the city, 
I could see the lights 
Blocking out the starlight burning stars into my eyes 
And in that city 
I broke my first heart 
I had to run away to escape the pain that I had caused 
That I had caused 


Traded in that cityscape 
For a mountain view 
Where I met Billy and his banjo and he told me what to do 
Said ‘keep on playin 
Girl play your heart out 
You’ve got what it takes and I ain’t go no doubt 
But can’t be lovers 
‘Cuz were goin our own ways 
But we’re gonna find somebody someday 
So we went our own ways 


From the mountains to the desert 
Met the rocks 
From the bottom to the top 
And I jumped off 

From the river to the land into the sky 
A leap of faith that learned me how to fly 

Back to that town 

Just south of the city 
With a mountain view 
I hardly ever noticed 
But now I always do 

It reminds me of you.. 


I’m dreaming of

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