Sister's Song

Tell me are you really okay? 
I haven’t seen you smile in days 
You’re so quiet all the time like nothing matters 

Tell me, is it all in my head? 
Have you done something you regret 
Or am I making monsters out of shadows 

 After all this time, I am still afraid 
Even though you lie, I love you all the same 

Wish that you would just open up 
You know I’ve never been one to judge 
I know you’re hurting, I hope you know I’m here for you 

So tell me what’s putting you through hell 
You don’t have to go by yourself 
You know 
I’d do anything for you 

You can take your time, forever I will wait 
Not a night goes by that I don’t lie awake 

And think of you 
I’m thinking of you 

So tell me what’s got you so ashamed 
Don’t you know we all make mistakes 
But you ain’t gotta go out that way 
You ain’t gotta go out that way 

I’m telling you that these scars will fade 
And one day it’ll all be okay 
But you ain’t go out that way 
You ain’t gotta go out 

Don’t believe the lies, I’m still right here 
I am on your side, I’ll never leave you my dear 

I’ll wait for you 
I’m still waiting for you 

So tell me are you really okay?

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